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     > Products & Solution > Grinding & polishing

    It is applied to the middle frame of metal parts and multi-face forming edge polishing of narrow frame parts such as sapphire, ceramics and OGS glass.


    The equipment is mainly composed of five parts: base, working chamber, working body, electrical control, and cover.Multi-faceted polishing for the back shell of other metal or ceramic products such as mobile phone glass and   3D mobile phone cover.

    ·This machine can polish the periphery of multiple pieces of sheet parts in one-time loading.

    ·The polished product is fixed by the clamp, fully servo driven, and polishing follows the contour of the workpiece.

    ·The left and right polishing heads are driven by a servo motor through a ball screw,the polishing head performs a contouring movement with respect to the polished product.

    ·Left and right polishing heads are driven by a geared motor with cam,the polishing head reciprocates up and down relative to the product being polished,polish the product evenly to avoid polishing lines.

    ·Equipment equipped with a polishing liquid spray device,the polishing liquid is evenly sprayed by the sand pump motor to the appearance of the polished product.

    ·Polishing head can realizes high speed rotation, left and right feed and up and down vibration polishing, polishing track diversification, evenly polished, high efficiency;The polishing body on the polishing head consists of pig hair or polished leather, the polishing effect is ideal.

    ·The polishing liquid tank adopts the inclined groove drainage structure, which is convenient and quick to clean.

    ·The installation of water and gas separation device in the working chamber can effectively save the polishing liquid and improve the working environment of workers.

    ·The main guiding part of the whole machine adopts precision linear guide rail to ensure the stability and sensitivity of the machine.

    ·The grinding bucket is cooled by double layers, which reduces the defects of the product due to high temperature.

    ·Three-stage filtration system to effectively separate impurities and avoid secondary scratches.

    ·The system has the function of product piece counting, which can easily know the equipment capacity.

    ·Machine adopts CNC control,intelligent settings,Simple panel and convenient operation.

    設備外形尺寸[**] Equipment dimensions [L * W * H]


    設備重量Machine weight


    氣源壓力Air pressure


    總功率Total power


    拋光主軸異步電機Polished spindle asynchronous motor

    1.4kw  1450r/min

    拋光主軸轉速Polishing spindle speed


    主軸左右推送伺服電機Spindle left and right push servo motor

    0.4kw  3000 r/min

    主軸左右推送速度Spindle left and right push speed


    產品旋轉伺服電機Product rotary servo motor

    1.0KW  3000r/min

    拋光產品轉速Polished product rotating speed

    0.5r/s max

    拋光主軸上下運動減速電機Polishing spindle up and down motion reducer

    0.18KW  25r/min

    拋光主軸上下運動速度Polishing spindle up and down movement speed

    6/1循環max 6 seconds/1 cycle   max

    產品夾具氣缸缸徑Product fixture cylinder dia.

    Φ63mm 行程20mm astroke 20mm

    產品尺寸produact size


    產能 Production capacity

    每個夾具單次可放170片的產品,拋光周期為40分鐘, 產效為4 /分鐘。

    Each piece can hold 170 pieces of product in a single pass. Polishing cycle is 40 minutes,The production efficiency is 4 pieces / minute.