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    Lab Fluidized Bed Jet Mill PQW
    Diverse dry grinding lab system !

    Experimental PQW fluidized bed jet mill
    The fluidized bed jet mill is a compressed air that is accelerated into a supersonic flow through a Laval nozzle and then injected into the crushing zone to fluidize the material (the gas flow expands into a fluidized bed to suspend and collide with each other), so each particle has the same The state of motion. In the comminution zone, the accelerated particles collide with each other at the intersection of the nozzles. The pulverized material is transported to the classification zone by the ascending airflow, and the fine powder which meets the particle size requirement is screened by the horizontally arranged grading wheel, and the coarse powder which does not reach the particle size requirement is returned to the pulverization zone to continue pulverization. The qualified fine powder is collected with the airflow into the high-efficiency cyclone separator, and the dust-containing gas is filtered and purified by the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere.

    Jet mill is one of the most commonly used ultra-fine pulverizing equipment. It is widely used in ultra-fine pulverization of non-metallic minerals and chemical raw materials, and has the following characteristics:
    (1) The product has uniform fineness, narrow particle size distribution, smooth particle surface, regular particle shape, high purity, high activity and good dispersibility.
    (2) The product is less polluted. Because the airflow crusher pulverizes the material according to the self-grinding principle of the material, the crushing cavity has less pollution to the product, and therefore is particularly suitable for crushing materials that are not allowed to be contaminated by metals and other impurities.
    (3) Suitable for pulverizing low-melting and heat-sensitive materials and biologically active products. Because the jet mill is powered by compressed air, the adiabatic expansion of the compressed gas at the nozzle will lower the temperature of the system, so that a large amount of heat will not be generated during the work.
    (4) It can be operated under aseptic conditions.
    (5) The production process is continuous, the production capacity is large, and the degree of automation and automation is high.
    (6) Implement joint operations. Because when pulverizing with superheated high-pressure saturated steam, the material can be pulverized and dried at the same time, and can be used as a mixer; while the material is pulverized, it can be sprayed with a solution of the desired concentration to cover the solid fine particles, The coating layer is formed and surface-modified, and therefore, jet milling can be combined with pulverized surface coating and surface modification.

    PUHLER Grinding systens



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