10 games and films to enjoy if you want the BIGGEST MONSTERS

10 games and films to enjoy if you want some epic monsters

Shadow of the Colossus

This achingly beautiful Playstation 4 remake sees you taking on gigantic creatures and make you feel awful for doing so.  The Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus carry a nature grace and a sad beauty that can make players feel surprisingly guilty for taking one down.  Despite this as soon as one is down you cannot help but feel compelled to go searching for the next one.

Monster Hunter World

This recent release is all about tracking and toppling monsters then using their hides, horns and innards to craft new, stronger, faster equipment to make your next hunter that little easier.  The gameplay loop is tight, many players quickly tally up hundreds of hours hunting solo or with a group of others.


This 4 v 1 multiplayer game pits four hunters against one player-controlled monster.  The hunter pick one of four roles to play and support one another in finding and defeating a huge beast before it can level up to the point that it can take out the entire team.

God of War 3 Remastered

The God of War series have allowed players to take on all manner of huge creatures in combat but God of War 3 takes this to another level.  Even the tutorial sees you take on Triton whilst riding on the back of Gaia the Earth Titan as she climbs up mount Olympus.  It doesn’t get much bigger than that, and it is just the warm up!

King of Tokyo

This dice game sees players fight to control Tokyo.  Each player controls a different massive beast and decides who to attack and when, using dice rolls to determine how combat plays out.  Despite it using lots of dice King of Tokyo includes a lot of strategy and is a great game to bring massive monster battles to the tabletop.

Kong Skull Island

An incredible cast including Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, John C Reilly and Brie Larson head to Skull Island.  Upon arriving they meet the enormous Kong and an action packed adventure begins.  If you are after big monsters then Skull Island has plenty of interesting fauna to offer.

Pacific Rim

Traditional monster flicks saw behemoths go head to head with one another, Pacific Rim seeked to bring humans into the mix by putting them in control of gigantic robots.  The story is terrible, but the action does not get much bigger than this.

Attack on Titan

This Anime series is currently available on Netflix.  It seems humans living in walled off cities with mysterious gigantic Titans living beyond them.  One day the Titans decide to begin their attack.  Attack on Titan tells that story of humans fight for survival.  This is an intense and frequently gruesome anime that is definitely worth a watch.


Anne Hathaway plays Gloria. Following some trouble Gloria returns to her hometown and goes back to her old party-girl days.  Whilst this is going on in her life a huge creature begins to attack Seoul, South Korea.  As she looks back over her night out she realises she has a bizarre relationship with this monster terrorising the far side of the world.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian puts a unique spin on most monsters by making it your companion.  Despite having no direct control over the creature players must work effectively with it to help the protagonist escape from their beautiful prison.


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