A STEM Ambassador’s Dream Movie – Hidden Figures

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is gaining a lot of attention in our schools.  Careers in STEM are struggling to recruit enough school and University leavers, particularly girls.  As such all sorts of wonderful initiatives are launching throughout the country to try to educate people as to the incredible opportunities that STEM can offer them.  It may not be immediately a very glamorous area of the workforce but the opportunities available are stunning.

One element of the push on STEM is to try to get more females to consider opportunities in STEM.  The statistics show that girls simply do not consider this area of the workforce as much as men and as such we are missing out on lots of incredible women in the STEM workforce.  


Where does Hidden Figures come in?

Hidden Figures is an stunning movie, regardless of any additional STEM interest.  Hidden Figures tells the incredible real life story of 3 female, African-American mathematicians who worked for NASA during the space race.  The film shows both the sexist and racist difficulties that they faced working in a male dominated workplace.

As an advert for STEM opportunities it ticks all the boxes.  The work that they do is incredibly important to the history of humanity and their story is truly inspirational.  I cried through most of Hidden Figures and am now going around recommending it to everyone I meet, hence this post.

If you are a STEM ambassador then Hidden Figures is a must watch.  It will remind you exactly of why the work that you do is so important.