How are those New Year Resolutions going? – An 2018 Entertainment update

We are 10 days into 2018.  For many that means 10 days of healthier eating, less drinking and smoking and lots of additional exercise.  In reality we’re all probably right back living the same casual slobbish lifestyle that we finished 2017 in.

At the start of 2017 I made a definite effort to post regularly.  Currently it has been around 2 weeks since my last post.  With release dates coming thick and fast throughout October and November, December proved to be a far quieter month and this has continued into 2018.

2017 finished in fine form however with Star Wars The Last Jedi.  Despite seeing a lot of hate for it online I still maintain that I thought it was fantastic.

The first BIG game release I am interested to play in 2018 is Monster Hunter World.  Recent Betas have whetted many appetites for this huge monster slaying RPG.

The past few weeks I’ve been hitting board and card games pretty hard.  The girl’s current favourite is the Pokemon Trading Card Game.  This evening vicious rumours are being to circulate on Twitter of a potential Nintendo Direct featuring information about the upcoming Switch Pokemon RPG, so far nothing to report…



Having recently finished watching Mindhunters on Netflix my wife and I eagerly await the second series.  I’m currently considering watching Black Mirror but the trailers look surprisingly dark for a series.

Aside for watching and playing things I should be remembering those resolutions.  I’ve managed just one run so far this year and am yet to begin a book.  Work still to be done!


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