5 things we loved about the characters in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi has upset a huge number of people, at least if the online reaction is genuine.  I can’t help but think, or hope, that these complaints are just to get some attention.  The Last Jedi was awesome, here is some reasons why (spoiler warning).

Luke Skywalker’s evolution

The Star Wars films tell the story of the Skywalkers.  The Last Jedi shows us a very different Luke.  His opening shot throwing his lightsaber away says so much about his current situation.  Luke has fallen out of love with the force and with his previous teaching.  The Last Jedi’s story arc shows him gradually come to understand truths about himself that have always been apparent.  His frustrations with his ability and his failures prove to be central to the plot and to his story.

Snoke shows us the major weakness of the Dark side

Snoke’s fleeting input to the story is somewhat disappointing.  Despite this though he did perfectly show audiences the major weakness of the dark side, arrogance.  As Snoke is sharing his grand plan with Kylo and Rey and showing off his incredible power Kylo is preparing to assassinate him.  

Kylo Ren is the new major villain

Despite initial disappointment that Snoke is no more it does also mean that the next episode has a new main villain, Kylo Ren.  Kylo’s journey and his inner conflict have made him a character of great interest.  His depth is unrivaled, making him a deeply conflicted and intense foe.  We may not know much about Snoke’s past but this is because the focus has been placed on Kylo’s.  We know lots about him and his past, his future is going to be very exciting to watch unfold.  

Rey’s parents

Rey is a stunning character.  I really hope her lineage is a simple as was stated in The Last Jedi.  All too often characters with mysterious pasts always turn out to be of royal lineage.  It is refreshing to have this mysterious past be revealed to be nothing of interest.

Strong females

The Last Jedi was littered with incredibly strong women.  Rey and Leia were joined with Vice Admiral Holdo, Phasma and Rose.  This wealth of roles all perfectly show the strength, heroism and courage of women, as a father of 3 girls this is wonderful to see.

Seeing a female captain use her ship’s dying moment to sacrifice herself for others was fantastic.  All too often moments of courage such as this are always portrayed by men.  



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