Skyrim VR Review

Skyrim VR

Skyrim VR




  • The full Skyrim experience in VR.
  • Can be played with controller or move controllers with lots of comfort options.
  • This is a huge, fully fledged VR game.


  • Doesn't add any new gameplay.

I’ve spent plenty of time playing with my Playstation VR.  Yes it might be a gimmick to many, but a lot of those many haven’t tried it.  Those who have will have experienced first hand the future of gaming.  Playstation VR’s launch and first year have been filled with many good, yet ultimately forgettable experiences.  Skyrim VR though shows what fully fledged video games can feel like in VR, and it is glorious.

Who should play Skyrim VR?

If you have Playstation VR and have never played Skyrim then this really should be a no brainer.  Skyrim is an incredible game, it made be old but it is undeniably incredible.  Having it now on VR simply takes it to another level.

If you have already played it then Skyrim VR is not so straightforward.  There is no new gameplay here.  Skyrim VR includes the base game and all official DLC.  If you have already played much of this Skyrim VR won’t give you anything new, except the perspective and scale that VR affords.

Why is Skyrim worth playing again in Skyrim VR?

Skyrim begins with you sat in a horse drawn cart meandering towards your own execution.  This now feels like such a perfect intro to Skyrim VR.  Sat on a chair, VR headset on your head you are free to look around and take in this opening sequence like never before.  The conversation between inmates feels so natural when you are sat amongst them, turning your head to listen to what they have to say.  When you hear birds scatter a quick glance up reveals a group of birds fleeing from a tree overhead.  

Arriving at the town things really start to impress.  Once off the wagon you must face your execution.  When it is your turn you find yourself with your head on the block and a large executioner standing over you.  This feels all kinds of wrong as you watch him lift his action in preparation for your end.  Just then a dragon appears behind him and all hell breaks loose.  

Scale has always been one of the standout features of experiencing VR.  Something life size is truly life size.  Skyrim brings dragons, giants, mammoths and mountains and they all feel suitably enormous.

Verdict on Skyrim VR

This is a stunning way to experience Skyrim.  If you own a PSVR set and have not played Skyrim you simply must pick this up as soon as possible.  If you’ve played it to death this doesn’t really add anything new.  Is the experience of Skyrim in VR worth it?  Totally, if you are new to Skyrim.  Returning players should only indulge if they really need to experience the size and scale like never before.


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