Just Dance 2018 is a Perfect Family Game

I have 3 little girls aged 5 and under.  The Nintendo Switch is the first games console they’ve ever played and they love it.  Particular favourite games so far have been 1 2 Switch and Mario Kart.  These are accessible a lot of fun but both have recently been blown out of the water by Just Dance 2018.  

Just Dance 2018 can be played either using the joy cons or smart phones.  More and more party games are utilising smartphones.  This means most people who visit and would like to play have a controller already with them!  

Just Dance 2018 is awesome fun.  The whole package is simple to use.  Within seconds of firing it up you and your friends and family are dancing.  The game is split fundamentally into three modes: Kids, Just Dance and Dance against the world.  My girls always go straight for the kids selection.  Here disney classics from The Little Mermaid and Moana can be enjoyed along Beep Beep I’m a Sheep, Ghostbusters and Hickory Dickory Dock.  The dances are performed on screen by characters wearing a glove.  Players should hold their controller in the gloved hand and attempt to mirror the dance as best they can.  

The modes aimed at adults include more complicated dances but also give an indication of the next move.  The kids move simply needs to be copied, no other instructions are shared.  

Each dance is then scored and up to five stars can be earnt from dancing accurately.  This gives a quick and easy to read indication of how well you’ve done.  

Many dances, particularly the children’s dances include several characters.  Players can select which character they would like to try to mimic.  This can lead to some large scale dance routines.

Just Dance is easy to pick up and play and is perfectly designed for youngsters.  If you’re looking for a game to bring everyone together Just Dance 2018 is well worth a look.


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