Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is a Match Made in Heaven

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch is a no brainer.  Rocket League’s football with RC cars gameplay has captivated most who have played it.  The Nintendo Switch has finally received Rocket League and I for one couldn’t be happier.

I’m not a huge fan of sports games.  The NBA 2K series is the only one to really grab me and much as I appreciate what FIFA is doing I simply can’t really get into it for long.  Rocket League however has totally sucked me in.  

Most by now will know exactly what Rocket League is (football but with RC cars) but playing it on the Nintendo Switch feels soooo right.  The Switch has shocked many by how well it has sold.  If you own one I’m sure the sales figures come as no surprise at all.  The Nintendo Switch is an absolutely awesome console.  

This year Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild have grabbed the main headlines about the Switch.  Despite these big name games being single player experiences the Switch’s main design draws are its portability and the local multiplayer convenience.  Both of these are perfect when looking at a game like Rocket League.

On the TV Rocket League plays just as it does on any other version that you probably already own.  But in handheld mode and with the easy access to the joycons Rocket League becomes a tour de force in what the Nintendo Switch is all about.  

The Nintendo Switch is a joy factory.  Yes Rocket League may look a bit better on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One but that is not what Rocket League is about.  Rocket League is about having fun and it has truly found its home on the Nintendo Switch.  Being able to play on the TV or on the move, alone or easily with a group of friends is stunning.  Rocket League and the Switch work in tandem to showcase what makes each of them so special.


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