101 Video Games To Play Before you Grow Up

101 video games to play before you grow up is the unofficial must-play video game list for kids.  Ben Bertoli put the list together in an attempt to offer 101 video games that every child should play.  


The entire book is beautifully presented, each page bursts with colour.  There are no screenshots from games, this affords it a great feeling of consistency across its pages.  Myself and my children keep going back to it to find characters and talk about games they would like to play.

The 101 video games are incredibly varied though all suitable for children to play.  Unsurprisingly it begins, at number 1, with Super Mario Bros.  From here it includes other heavy hitters such as Bomberman, Final Fantasy, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds (listed here in no particular order).  

It is worth pointing out that Nintendo games feature very heavily.  Though given the idea of the book, this is no real surprise.  Mario Kart, Zelda, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Earthbound, Star Fox, Pokemon, Animal crossing and more.  This only goes to perfectly showcase how many incredible games Nintendo have developed over the years and how many are incredible experiences for both adults and children to enjoy.

101 video games to play before you grow up is an absolute delight.  The pages include plenty of information about each title including:

  • what you can play it on
  • the genre, its age rating
  • the year it was first released
  • who made it
  • other games to play if you particularly like it
  • top games in the series
  • who might particularly like the game

101 video games to play before you grow up would make a perfect present for a child or parent who really enjoys video games.


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