Splasher Nintendo Switch Review



The Evil Within 2



  • A speed runners delight
  • Fast placed skillful gameplay
  • Goo mechanics add a new element to the 2D platformer


  • Uninspiring enemies and backgrounds

Splasher is a fast paced 2D platformer that draws from Super Meat and Portal 2.  Super Meat Boy and Portal 2 are two games that are very much at odds with one another but Splasher feels very heavily inspired by both of them and it works a treat.

The gameplay in Splasher feels very similar to Super Meat Boy but the levels are far, far longer.  Rather than 6-10 second levels Splashers keep going for several minutes.  I’m sure some speed runners will have great fun whizzing through the game’s well designed levels.  This creates a clear sense that skill is king in Splasher.  Once unlocked the game’s hub allows direct access to speed runs of its levels with various twists to give it huge amounts of replayability.

Portal 2’s influence comes from coloured goo.  Different coloured goo grants different reactions to the player.  The first couple that you come across are red and yellow.  Red is a sticky substance that, when touching it, allows you to run up walls and even upside down.  Yellow is incredibly bouncy.  Just touching it launches the player using their current momentum.


Knowing the different goos allows for a huge variety of different approaches to situation and mastery of them allows players access to hard to reach and secret areas that contain collectible items.

The entire experience in Splasher is nicely presented.  The graphics are not revolutionary but the players character moves well flowing from position to position naturally.  The enemies are uninspiring and the levels are not detailed.  This does however ensure that the focus remains on motion and your ability to get from the start to the end of the level as quickly as possible.


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