5 Fun New Indie Games for the Nintendo Switch

Mario Odyssey may well be stealing all the Nintendo Switch headlines at the moment but recently several really fun little indie titles have released.  The Nintendo Switch is proving to be an incredible platform for both the big boys of gaming but also smaller teams.  Here are 5 fun new indie games for the Nintendo Switch.

1 Slime-San

Slime-San is a 2D pixelated platformer that shares a lot in common with the hugely popular Super Meatboy.  Slime-San features short, fast paced levels that require skill to complete.  You can blitz several levels within minutes once you know what you are doing.  This makes for fun, when it is all going well, gameplay that can be incredibly satisfying to progress through.

2 Inversus

Inversus is a simple concept made whole with class.  Black vs White squares fight for dominance on a grid.  The black player can only move on white, the white only on black.  Shooting allows you to claim parts of the grid and in doing so increase your play space.

This makes for some fast and furious multiplayer gameplay in Inversus.  It also makes for some really good arcade style gameplay with leaderboards to rise.

3 Golf Story

Golf Story is an RPG based around old school arcade golf game mechanics.  You play as a young boy who longs to go Pro in the local golf scene.  Golf Story’s golf gameplay is satisfying but the real star is the incredible writing of its characters.  There are plenty of laughs to enjoy throughout Golf Story.

4 Jydge

The Judge Dredd inspired Jydge is a top down shooter with a great emphasis on player upgrades.  Playing Jydge very much reminded me of Hotline Miami and X-Com.  It is a real time tactical shooter with tons of replay ability and a tight progression loop.

5 This is the Police

This is the Police is part Telltale style player controlled comic book and part real time police chief simulation.  The two gameplay styles may seem at odds but come together here incredibly well.  This is the Police’s story is incredibly well told and the simulation elements offer challenge and reward.  This is the Police was a huge surprise to me, I absolutely love it.


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