12 Super Mario Odyssey Tips

Super Mario Odyssey is an awful lot of fun but finding all those Power Moons can be tricky.  Here is our list of 12 Super Mario Odyssey tips to help Mario with his globe trotting adventure.

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Top Super Mario Odyssey Tips


Check the Action Guide

Be sure to visit the in-game Action Guide book.  To do this press the + button and select Action Guide.  Here you will find loads of additional information about how to play Super Mario Odyssey to the best of your ability.

Try out all of Mario’s moves

Now you’ve seen all of the controls for all of Mario’s moved be sure to try them out.  You’ll need to use them all at some time to collect of the the Power Stars.

Control everything and experiment

There are an impressive 52 different things to capture and control in Super Mario Odyssey.  Keep on throwing Cappy around to ensure you capture everything you can.  Some creatures require a couple of hits with Cappy to capture them so keep on throwing.

Moons are everywhere – check the map

Power Moons are absolutely everywhere!  Do not presume because you cannot see one that there isn’t one close to you.  Press – to see the map and check you have and have not discovered Moons so far.

Glowing areas

Some areas on the ground or glowing blocks indicate that something special is hidden within.  Try ground pounding the spot or look for something to bash apart a glowing block to reveal what is inside.

Take control of the camera

The camera in Super Mario Odyssey does a great job of making sure you can see what is going on.  Sometimes however if you use the right stick to move it around you will discover a power moon that was otherwise hidden.  Be sure to move your view often to spot hidden moons!

Check the travel guide

On board the Odyssey is a travel guide.  This shows you where you’ve already found Power Moons on all the maps you have already visited.  It also lists how many you have yet to discover.  If there is a map with a gap in it, chances are there is a hidden Power Moon or two waiting to be found.

Donk Doors

In New Donk City be sure to enter all open doors, hidden within are loads of challenges, coins and Power Moons.

Rockets take you to the Moon

If you see a rocket on a level try to get to it.  Rockets lead straight to a separate challenge level that all end with the reward of a Power Moon.

Dress for the occasion

Each level contains a shop where you can spend both standard coins and the currency of the level.  Grab an outfit befitting the level, sometimes certain areas can only be accessed when dressed appropriately.

Get around fast

Mini flag checkpoints can be activated by running into them or throwing Cappy at them.  Once activated not only does the game save but it also opens up the checkpoint as a fast travel location.  To fast travel to the checkpoint press – to open up the map and select the checkpoint you would like to travel to.


Most levels include a pair of binoculars in a fixed location that you can capture.  Be sure to always capture them.  When you do you’ll shoot up into the sky and be granted a birds eye view of the level, perfect for figuring out where you should be headed to next.


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