Home Street Launch – escapism in a mobile app

The following is a promotional piece about Home Street:

As increasing numbers of women turn to mobile gaming as a source of escapism, Supersolid mobile games is pleased to launch Home Street – a brand new life and town simulator which allows gamers to build their very own dream home and neighbourhood. The stress-busting simulated world gives players the power to choose the design and decoration of their own homes, to create and fashion characters and meet, co-operate and compete with “neighbours” from all over the world – all whilst role playing their dream life.

What is Home Street?

In a world increasingly dominated by the pressures of perfection, Home Street is a role-playing game which allows the curation of your ideal environment. Choosing home furnishings and designing custom wardrobes whilst not breaking the bank and with speed unknown to home renovations, players can fulfil a whole range of fantasy ambitions within their “neighbourhood” – whether that’s to become an artisan baker or a karaoke queen.

The style of casual gaming lends itself to the growing demands and pressures on time, allowing players to ease in and out of gameplay at convenient intervals. Whether for de-stressing between meetings, or passing time during household chores, Home Street offers pure escapism at the click of a button.

As the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society links casual video game play to mood enhancement and stress reduction, Home Street offers escapism and provides tension release for all gamers.  One of the most ambitious life sim games currently available with a rich world of content, and Supersolid’s most immersive output yet, the game earns focus through the blend of story (character-led quests), resource management (the ability to create, store and trade products) and social interaction (global monthly events and meaningful social interactions with other players).

Home Street’s monthly partnerships, which integrate real-world culture –  celebrities, films, books and design – into the game, are at the core of its compelling and emotionally absorbing content, designed for their audience which, as Nesta has proved, is likely to participate actively in cultural activities.

Home Street is free to download on Apple and Android from October 12, 2017.

Download free here: http://bit.ly/SupersolidHomeStreetPR

Home Street launch trailer: http://bit.ly/PlayLaunchTrailer


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