My First Gaming LootCrate

As regular visitors will appreciate we play a lot of video games here.  Despite playing games I’ve never really got into the additional paraphernalia.  This has recently changed as Lootbox have kindly offered to send me a Gaming Lootbox.

What is a LootCrate?

Each month Lootbox send out a different collection of geeky goodies.  Lootboxs come in several different flavours to suit your particular interests.  These include:

  • Traditional Lootcrate
  • Lootwear
  • Lootanime
  • Halo Legendary Crate
  • Marvel Lootcrate
  • Fallout Crate
  • MineChest
  • Star Trek Mission Crate
  • Gaming Lootcrate

The crates are generally packaged up and sent out monthly though some do come out bi-monthly.

What was included in my Gaming Lootcrate?

As you can see from the picture my first Gaming Lootcrate featured a great variety of gaming goodies.

A particular hit was the Middle Earth Shadow of War T-shirt.  When you order your loot crate you have to state your size as I believe each crate includes a T-shirt.  This Shadow of War t-shirt comes at a perfect time with the game launching this month.

A bottle stopper from The Witcher 3 looks fantastic and is of incredibly high quality.  It alone, I would imagine, could cost the same as a the LootCrate as a total package.  

The other items included a Dragon model from Dragon Age: Inquisition, a Sheika Slate notebook and a great Zelda: Breath of the Wild poster.  It was incredibly exciting to open and unpack the Gaming LootCrate.  Fingers crossed for more in the future.


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