New Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-man is more popular now than ever.  Quite something for a 55 year old teenage superhero character!  To reignite old fan’s interest and bring in new ones Disney XD have announced the release of their latest cartoon series Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This fresh new take on Spider-Man follows Peter Parker as he’s accepted into Horizon High –a high school for brilliant young scientific minds –while he’s learning responsibility that comes along with being a new, super powered hero in New York City. He struggles with the duality of his social life at school and hiding his secret identity of Spider-Man from everyone, including his best friend, Harry Osborn, who attends the competing Osborn Academy for Geniuses. As Peter embraces his alter-ego and takes on Super Villains like Vulture, Lizard, Doc Ock and Hammerhead, he watches the schools come between his relationships and sees Harry land on the wrong side of good and evil. Will Peter be able to survive as Spider-Man, save his best friend from a giant mistake and make it to class on time?

Marvel’s Spiderman looks amazing check out this clip:

To watch this new 2017 take on Spider-Man check out Marvel’s Spider-Man on the Disney Channel and DisneyLife.