Agents of Mayhem PS4 Review

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem



  • Some enjoyable, over the top action.
  • Switch characters quickly.
  • Well presented cartoon cutscenes.


  • Very immature.
  • Dull story.
  • Uninteresting gameplay.

Agents of Mayhem is made by Volition, makers of the Saints Row series, and it shows.  Agents of Mayhem feels a lot like the next natural step for the Saints Row series.  It takes the open world exploration fun and games and takes it to the next level, or at least that is what it aims to do.

Agents of Mayhem is a third person, open world, action game.  You take control of members of the GI Joe style team of superheroes the Agents of Mayhem. They are tasked with keeping the peace in Seoul, South Korea.  There is plenty that is uninspired about Agents of Mayhem but setting it in Seoul is a very welcome change from most open world games.  The futuristic, unfamiliar city is large and fun to explore.

What is Agents of Mayhem like to play?

It is hard to review Agents of Mayhem without comparing it to other similar titles such as the Saints Row series or GTA.  This does not do itself any favours.  The Saints Row series had been getting more and more crazy.  Agents of Mayhem looks to take this further but ultimately feels incredibly immature and uninteresting.  The language used in the script says it all, the Agents drop the F word constantly.  It serves no purpose other than to seemingly set Agents of Mayhem to appeal solely to 12 year olds.  

One area that Agents of Mayhem does do incredibly well are the cutscenes, these are frequently 80s style cartoons.  The aesthetic is a wonderful fit for the game but the in-game language destroys the kids cartoon feel.  It is such a shame that they did not embrace this feel throughout the entire experience.

The gameplay is fairly uninspiring.  The Agents of Mayhem are sent on mission after mission, each one requiring to travel to a location, battle through a series of uninteresting enemies and then repeat.  

It seeks to mix things up with the team of Agents.  Each one has different weapons and abilities.  Thankfully you can switch between agents at time.  Much like swapping weapons in most action games you can switch characters in Agents of Mayhem.  They have the ability to teleport in and out of Seoul as and when required.  Despite this ability to use different agents there is no cooperative play!  This seems absolutely shocking for a game that puts such an emphasis on a team of agents working together.  

There have certainly been enjoyable action focused moments.  The weapons feel good and some of the special abilities, especially once they have been upgraded, are a lot of fun to mess around with.  There just isn’t enough of the good stuff to make me feel like I could really recommend Agents of Mayhem strongly.  If you like mindless, immature, shallow action then this might well be worth checking out.