Sonic Mania Nintendo Switch Review

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania



  • Classic gameplay has never felt slicker.
  • Beautiful graphics and animations.
  • Multiplayer Sonic racing.


  • Very frustrating checkpoint system.

Sonic Mania is a glorious blast from the past for gamers.  Sonic games have been pretty poor in recent years.  The speedy blue hedgehog has very popular cartoons, books and merchandise but the games have not delivered.  All of that looks set to change with the release of Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania is a classic 2D Sonic platformer.  It looks similar to classic Sonic games, the Sonic games that saw him first reach huge fame.

This is not a collection of classic Sonic games, as I had first believed it would be.  Though you would certainly be forgiven for feeling as though it is whilst playing it.  Sonic Mania manages to not only look like classic Sonic titles but it feels like them too.  

Green Hill Zone feels beautifully familiar to blitz through as Sonic.  It becomes apparent pretty quickly that this Sonic game has been produced in 2017 as opposed to 1997.  The character animations, frame rate and general feel of the controls are super slick.  Sonic Mania is simply a joy to look at, control and play.

Despite the joy of revisiting a classic 2D platformer such as this it is not without its frustrations.  Checkpoints and death penalties are incredibly frustrating.  I’m sure many would love the additional challenge that is presented when you have to redo large amounts of a level again and again but it isn’t really for me.  Having to go back again and again and again to suffer the same frustrating loss of life isn’t fun after a while.  This has definitely resulted in me not wanting to play as much as I would have.  I felt punished regularly for rushing back to where I kept getting stuck but dying en route in frustrating ways.  The challenge is good, I guess, but I think games should be fun and this was anything but after the 6th attempt.

Fingers crossed this is a new standard for Sonic games.  With Sonic Forces coming soon I cannot wait to see what they now do with a solid 2D offering under their belts.