Shoutout to Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is the film equivalent of a warm blanket.  Watching it is comforting and can’t help but make you feel better, even if there is nothing particularly wrong.  I love it.  

Popping Napoleon Dynamite on last night, I had forgotten how much there is to love about it.  The opening credits sequence begins things perfectly with its creative and quirky take.  The characters, the music, the pacing… the whole package is wonderful.  

This is truly straight forward, switch off your brain and enjoy entertainment.  Sometimes, all too often, this is just the sort of movie that we love to watch.  There is very little plot, it is fairly short and it is full of laughs.

I watched Napoleon Dynamite on the Amazon Prime Video app.  Upon finishing this showed that Napoleon Dynamite had a IMDB score of 6.9.  Clearly this is not a film for everyone and I can very much understand why.  The characters are pretty strange and very little happens in it really.  But, for me, it is a wonderful film.  Lighthearted, no real drama and plenty to keep me smiling throughout.  Shoutout to Napoleon Dynamite – Vote Pedro!


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