Castlestorm VR PlayStation 4 Review

Castlestorm VR

Castlestorm VR




  • Castle levels are fun.
  • No motion sickness


  • An odd choice for VR.
  • Doesn't make stunning use of VR.

Castlestorm struck me initially as a strange choice for VR.  I’ve played it some time ago on my Sony Vita and the 2D nature of the game seemed like a strange game to move into VR.  Castlestorm VR deals with this in a odd yet fun way!

Upon starting Castlestorm VR you find yourself sat in a medieval style cinema.  You are surrounded by seats, ahead of you is a cinema screen displaying the game’s menu, to your side sits a pot of popcorn and several rows behind you are sat some other punters.  This struck me initially as kind of cool but also a bit of a cop out.  Thankfully this view is only for the main menu and cut scenes.  When actually playing Castlestorm the view changes.  The view that you are presented with is dependent upon the setting.  If you are outside a forest, protecting a village you will find yourself placed in a lookout tower.  During levels where you directly control a warrior in an arena you are sat in the arena watching the action.  The gameplay is unchanged in this VR version but it does undoubtedly make Castlestorm VR that bit better than other versions of the game.

What is the gameplay like in Castlestorm VR?

Castlestorm presents players with a 2D environment in front of them.  The best levels (in my opinion) see your castle to your left and an opponent’s to your right.  Players can launch weapons from your castle, control a character on the battlefield between the two structures or order troops to automatically move forwards and attack.  This creates an interesting action based strategy title that can present some surprisingly intense battles.  

There is some variety to gameplay in levels, some only allow you to fire your turret and others give you control of an individual unit.  The variety of levels is welcome but I did find myself wishing for a castle clash often.  The others really don’t compare to the full on castle assaults.  

Castlestorm VR’s fixed point of view does mean that players will not be made to feel in anyway queasy.  VR can give players of plenty of games a sense of motion sickness.  Castlestorm does not see your view move at all so no motion sickness.

The verdict on Castlestorm VR

If you’ve not player Castlestorm before this is certainly the best version of it.  It is a fantastic first VR game for people to try thanks to the lack of movement and cinema style view given to the player.  It is a reasonably enjoyable game with a nice arcade feel to it.  The castle attack levels are a definite highlight and the filler is good to see but ultimately wastes time between castle levels.


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