Death Squared Nintendo Switch Review

Death Squared

Death Squared




  • With friends and family joining you Death Squared is a lot of fun.
  • Cooperative gameplay that puts friendships to the test in the best of ways.
  • Plenty of laughs to be had.


  • Played alone this is not such an entertaining experience.
  • An entire puzzle game built upon moving blocks around.

Death Squared is a puzzle game with a definite Portal feel to it.  It sees you control coloured cubes that can be careful manoeuvred around levels in an attempt to reach similarly coloured end points.  It sounds simple enough but Death Squared is a surprisingly challenging puzzle game that is at its best when played with others.

The controls are beautifully simple, one analogue stick moves one cube and the other moves the other.  This creates a pleasant single player puzzle game and a wonderful cooperative game if you hand a joy con to a mate.  

Death Squared’s name works because of the regular and surprisingly amusing deaths.  As one cube moves it often results in the destruction of the other cube.  When playing alone this can be fairly frustrating but with another player it works perfectly.  The cooperative gameplay regularly sees one player kill the other whilst innocently trying to progress through a level.  Death comes in numerous ways but hidden traps are frequently activated by one cube that result in an untimely demise of another cube.  

The puzzles are fairly entertaining but I haven’t found them to be particularly ground breaking.  Anyone who’s played most adventure games will be aware of moving blocks to solve a puzzle.  Death Squared is an entire game built upon this premise.  If you love these sort of puzzles you are in great company, if not perhaps look elsewhere.

There is a surprising amount of speech within Death Squared.  Whilst you play voices discuss your progress and misdemeanours.  The commentary that they provide is great and adds a nice sense of personality to proceedings.

The verdict on Death Squared

Played alone Death Squared is an ok experience, but played with friends it can be an absolute blast.  This makes giving a review score pretty difficult so my score is reflective of both of these ways of playing.  On the Nintendo Switch with additional joy cons this really is simple, old school fun.


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