Levels+ Addictive Puzzle Game Nintendo Switch Review

Levels+ Addictive Puzzle Game

Levels+ Addictive Puzzle Game




  • Simple premise but impressively deep.
  • Seriously addictive.


  • Pretty much a mobile game.
  • No additional modes.

levels+ nintendo Switch review

Bad name right?  Levels+ Addictive Puzzles may well have a really naff name and may well also present itself more like a mobile game than a new title for the Nintendo Switch.  Despite all of this though Levels+ really is a surprisingly addictive puzzle game.

The concept of Levels+ is pretty simple but like all the best puzzle games this simple concept hides a wealth of depth.  

How does Levels+ Addictive Puzzles Play?

The game that Levels+ most reminds me of is 2048.  Levels+ provides players with a grid of colourful tiles.  Finger swipes allow you to move some of the tiles and in doing so collect a score.  The aim is, obviously to obtain the highest score.

The tiles come in 3 different colours; blue, yellow and red.  Blue tiles are kind of your combat tiles, they can be used to take out the red tiles.  The red tiles cannot be moved directly by the player and do nothing but get in the way.  Yellow tiles can be taken out by blue tiles and in doing so rewards the player with their score.

The added complexity to this formula comes from the numbers on each tile.  Two blue or yellow tiles with equal numbers can be combined to create one tile of their combined numbers.  Blue tile’s value need to be equal to or greater than yellow or red tiles to take them out.  This makes blues very valuable and important to increase their value.  The higher you can get yellow tiles the greater their points are worth.  Red tiles will gradually appear one level higher than your highest blue tile forcing you to keep on increasing your blue tiles.

This may not look or sound particularly inspiring but there is certainly something about Levels+ that keeps me coming back.  This is not a title worth spending too much money on but if you enjoy games like 2048 then Levels+ Addictive Puzzles is definitely worth a look.


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