Hearthstone on the Nintendo Switch – A Wish

Please Blizzard, hear our request for Hearthstone on the Nintendo Switch.

I have had a strange time with Hearthstone since its release.  I would confidently argue that Blizzard Entertainment is one of the greatest game developers of all time.  Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3 and Overwatch are all some of the best games of all time.  Much as I’ve played plenty of games of Hearthstone I’ve only recently started to truly get my head around it.  The more I’ve understood it the more I’ve appreciated it, the more I’ve appreciated it the more I want to play it.  

One of the undeniable draws of Hearthstone is how accessible it is across my devices.  My PC, laptop, tablet and even my phone can be used to play a quick game or tweak a deck.  This then leads to the obvious and inevitable question of: When will Hearthstone come to the Nintendo Switch?

Why Hearthstone might come to the Nintendo Switch?

If it did come to the Nintendo Switch, it would be the first free-to-play title on the system.  This would see a huge proportion of Switch owners download it and give it a go.  New players and returning would be keen to give it a go on the unique system.  

Blizzard Entertainment clearly decided a long time ago that they wanted Hearthstone on lots of systems.  A huge amount of time and effort went into its design and gradual release to ensure it worked perfectly across and huge selection of different systems.  A lot of the work is already done.  With so many other titles seeing a release on the Nintendo Switch, many of them years after their initial release, it must be possible.

The Hearthstone player base could do with a fresh injection of interest.  A release on the Switch would achieve this.  It remains very popular with those whom have been playing for a long time but it has been some time since Hearthstone has hit the headlines.  A Switch release would achieve this and see the numbers have a fresh resurgence.

What are the challenges of Hearthstone on the Switch?

Hearthstone in handheld mode on the Nintendo Switch is an absolute no brainer.  It would be perfect.  The problem perhaps is how could it work when in TV mode?

World of Goo provides the perfect solution to this problem.  The makers of World of Goo brought several of their fantastic games to the Switch and all of them allow players to use their joy cons as pointers.  Pointing at cards, reading their stats, picking up and dropping them and moving things around is comfortable with a joy con.  Joy cons are very capable of being used as on screen pointers, much like the Wii did so well.  This means that it could effectively be played in each of the Switch’s play modes.

Please Blizzard Entertainment, bring Hearthstone to our beloved Nintendo Switch, it would be awesome!


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