Dino Frontier PlayStation 4 VR Review

Dino Frontier

Dino Frontier




  • Incredible feeling controls
  • Wonderful music and graphical style


  • Limited length and depth of gameplay
  • Little challenge

Dino Frontier takes the bizarre combination of Dinosaurs, the Wild West, town management simulation and VR and turns them into a wonderfully fun experience.  PlayStation VR now has a very healthy collection of games available and Dino Frontier has some of the very best controls I have yet to experience on the platform.

How does Dino Frontier feel to play?

The feel of a game is a tricky thing to quantify or explain.  When a game feels right though it is a joy to play.  Games such as Mario Galaxy, Sunset Overdrive, the Batman Arkham Series etc simply feel great to play.  Dino Frontier stands out to me because it feels great to play.  The PlayStation Move controllers may not be the greatest in VR control but Dino Frontier makes near perfect use of them.  This control is secured with just two buttons and an intelligent use of on screen menus that never get in the way of the action.  Playing Dino Frontier frequently made me feel like Tony Stark operating one of his computers from the Iron Man franchise.  

What is the gameplay like in Dino Frontier?

Players are tasked with running a successful town.  Villagers are encouraged to move to the town as it becomes more and more successful.  Buildings are standard structures such as a logging camp, housing, saloon etc.  Villagers can be placed next to buildings, trees or fruit laden bushes to dictate to them their role.  It is simplistic management but the VR perspective and controllers make it fun to play.

As with most games of this style resources include wood, food, gold and iron.  Gold and ore cannot be mined near your village.  Instead villagers leave and head into a canyon to mine.  The mine is under assault from waves of dino and cowboy style attackers making for a wonderfully different pace when building up ore.

How do Dinosaurs meet the Wild West in Dino Frontier?

The land in which you construct your Wild West style frontier town is regularly visited by dinosaurs.  You can capture and train then to work for you.  Once you have collected an adequate supply of various resources you have the ability to construct a dinosaur lure, each lure attracts a different sort of dinosaur and each dinosaur carries out a different task for you.  These roles include watering trees, collecting food and fighting off bandits.

The combo may sound strange but actually works really nicely as an aesthetic and to allow for a smooth running of your little society.

The verdict on Dino Frontier

The music is stunning (my wife loves the tunes!).  The controls feel incredible.  The gameplay is… simplistic yet fun.  This is an enjoyable VR game but it doesn’t have much depth.  It is all pretty straightforward to progress through and offers very little challenge or replayability.  If you enjoyed other games such as Tethered then Dino Frontier could well be worth a look.


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