What on Earth are Shopkins?

Shopkins have recently invaded my living room.  I know it with almost every step I take as the bizarre mix of objects provide a regular obstacle course for my delicate feet.

What are Shopkins?

Shopkins, to the best of my knowledge, are any object with eyes on.  Ok, not any object but anything that can feasibly be bought, but with eyes.  As I write my daughters have in front of them chairs, lipstick, handbags, cupcakes, skateboards, watering cans…  The list appears to be truly endless.

The tiny figures don’t do anything.  No element of them can be moved, nothing spins, nothing flexes, nothing hinges.  They don’t do anything!  They must be the cheapest ever toys to produce.

To my mind they are modern consumerism gone mad.  The objects are given eyes and with eyes come personality.  Each of these inanimate objects is given a personality by becoming a Shopkins.  So what is the point in Shopkins?  The sheer amount of them make them collectable and as such the consumerism part of them grows.  Children want Shopkins, they want to collect Shopkins.  Much like so many of us now they are now longing for all manner of items that offer them no pleasure; jugs, chairs, watches, burgers!  They want them simply because they exist!

For now I’ll allow them their time with their Shopkins.  Their lack of moving parts should see them drift into obscurity soon, fingers crossed.  Time to get the train set out, that should draw them away…


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