Theseus PlayStation VR Review

Theseus PlayStation VR

Theseus PlayStation VR




  • Nice, well detailed graphics.
  • The Minotaur is suitably intense when you run into him.


  • Combat is poor.
  • Very, very linear experience.
  • Not enough Minotaur action.

Greek Myths are some of the greatest stories ever told; the monsters, the heroes and the challenges are rich.  They could be a perfect basis for video games.  God of War and Smite are great examples of the myths being used in video games.  Theseus brings the myth of the quest into the labyrinth, home of the Minotaur, to life in PlayStation VR.

Theseus is undoubtedly a great concept for a video game.  As a VR game it looks to bring players into mystery and fear of Theseus’ descent into the Minotaur’s labyrinth.  Does it succeed?  Somewhat.

Graphically Theseus is very strong.  The labyrinth is well textured and the lighting is definitely noteworthy.  In an interesting and slightly unexpected design choice you play as Theseus but not through a first person view.  Theseus is played entirely through a third person view.  In many ways not a natural point of view in VR but it works well here.  The character of Theseus is generally well detailed and animated.

Players control Theseus as he explores the labyrinth.  Unfortunately it does not give players any ability to freely explore anywhere.  For a game set in a huge maze Theseus is relentlessly linear.  Some skill is required to move forwards on your quest but very little, this is not a challenging game.  Occasionally monsters appear that need to be fought off but they are not difficult to fight.  In fact they frequently feel as though they are simply there to slow you down and to make the journey take that little bit longer.  

The real joy of Theseus has to be anytime you run into the Minotaur.  One of the best aspects of VR games is the scale that can be achieved and the Minotaur is a huge, hulking and imposing beast.  When Theseus has to run from it you really feel the need to run from it.  It is just a shame these moments do not happen more often or more naturally, rather than the heavily scripted ones we are given here.

Theseus is an ok game, the Minotaur is definitely the highlight of the experience.  When not being hunted by the beast it very much feels as though you are simply waiting for it to arrive and get interesting.


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