Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Review

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2




  • Variety of game modes that are all well fleshed out and fun.
  • Creative bosses that are full of personality in both single and cooperative modes.
  • Salmon Run is a surprising bonus to the incredible single and multiplayer modes.


  • Salmon Run is not available all the time.

Splatoon 2 is incredible.  It has a huge amount of content; a fun single player and great variety of multiplayer gameplay along with a huge amount of customisation options.  I really enjoyed the original on the Wii U but Splatoon 2 really is a game worth owning.

To fully review Splatoon 2 I feel the need to comment on its four significant areas; singleplayer, competitive multiplayer, cooperative multiplayer (Salmon Run) and the customisation and cosmetic options.

Splatoon 2’s singleplayer

The linear “story mode” of Splatoon 2 is an enjoyable romp that provides good training for the main event.  Splatoon 2 is certainly worth picking up for the mixture of single and multiplayer.  The value of the experience if purchased just for the singleplayer is pretty poor.  

Levels are fairly straightforward in design.  You follow a path from their start to the end and use a variety of weapons to keep moving.  A nice collection of enemies are presented to you that require different tactics to defeat.  The variety makes for some really interesting encounters.  But none more so than the boss.

As in the original Splatoon the bosses are incredible.  Nintendo have a rich history of giving gamers memorable boss encounters and Splatoon 2 is no exception.  The first is a huge toaster oven!  The second a samurai riding a unicycle!  Each oven is incredible fun to play against and negotiate.  Replaying them with different weapons is incredibly appealing thanks to the ingenuity of their design.  They are challenging and fun filled with character and personality.

Splatoon 2’s cooperative mode – Salmon Run

This has been my biggest surprise of Splatoon 2.  Salmon Run is an intense, challenging and satisfying cooperative mode in a Horde style.  You and 3 other players are given weapons on a level surrounded by water and must survive 3 waves of aggressive Salmon leaving the murky depths to come and wipe you out.  

Salmon Run’s main challenge are the numerous boss salmon.  There are several of these and each one requires a different approach to defeat.  One hides in the ink and jumps from below to gobble your team up, it has to be defeated by placing a grenade where it is about to leap from.  Another shoots a beam of ink from the top of a high tower, it has to be defeated by first knocking out the tower is stands upon.  

As each boss salmon is taken out it drops eggs that you must take and store in a contained.  To pass each wave you must both survive and collect a certain number of eggs.  If you collect more eggs than your quota you receive a bonus at the end of the match.

Salmon Run has quickly become one of my favourite aspects of Splatoon 2.  It requires tight cooperative play, is genuinely challenging but doesn’t last too long to play.  Unfortunately it isn’t available all the time!  I presume this is to create higher demand for the mode therefore ensuring when it is open it has plenty of players, but I love it so much I wish it was always there to play.

Splatoon 2’s competitive multiplayer

This, for most, is the main reason for owning and playing Splatoon 2.  The most popular and general mode is Turf War.  It sees two teams of 4 go head to head to cover a map in the most ink.  This simple idea leads to an incredible amount of gameplay thanks to the other fun features of Splatoon.  

The weapons are varied and really play differently.  More so than almost any other competitive shooter.  Splatoon 2 does not require any reloading, instead players change into squid form and disappear into the ink.  This also allows players to play stealthily by hiding in their ink.  Special weapons can see rockets rain above, players leap into the air ready to pound the ground and clouds of ominous ink clouds rain from above.  

Splatoon 2’s new additions make big changes to the gameplay and help to give Splatoon 2 some of the greatest competitive multiplayer I have ever played.  The short (3 minute) matches make every second count and each player makes a genuine difference to their team.  

Splatoon 2’s customisation options

The final area of note in Splatoon 2 its customisation options.  When you are not travelling, splatting or being splatted you are shopping.  Players wear headwear, shirts, shoes and have weapons.  Each of these has its own shop.  Different items have slightly different stats boost tweaks that are unlocked through using them.  This encourages players to buy, buy and rebuy clothing to get better gear with better rolls.  Having said this the stat changes don’t make a huge difference meaning some focus can still be given to looking awesome.

The verdict on Splatoon 2

Overall I think Splatoon 2 is one of the very best reasons to own a Nintendo Switch.  It is an incredible game that provides outstanding value to its players.  Each mode is different and unique and the customisation options make playing feel worthwhile and rewarding.  Splatastic!


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