SuperHot VR and SuperHot Playstation 4 Review

SuperHot and SuperHot VR

SuperHot and SuperHot VR




  • Stunning action puzzle game.
  • One of the best VR experiences available.
  • Great learning curve making for an incredibly satisfying experience.


  • The difficulty of final levels can be frustrating at times.

Superhot looks, on the face of it, like a first person shooter.  Its famous “time moves when you move” mechanic makes SuperHot more of a puzzle game that a shooter.  In my opinion SuperHot is a true action puzzle game.  

Both SuperHot VR and SuperHot see you, the player, placed in numerous situations.  The situations see you set upon by a group of aggressive, faceless bright red individuals.  Sometimes they charge straight at you, fists at the ready, sometimes wielding baseball bats and others see them levelling pistols, shotguns or assault rifles at you.  Each scenario places you and your assailants in an enclosed space so movements need to be carefully planned.

This planning and execution is what makes SuperHot so much fun to play.  

Gameplay in SuperHot VR

In SuperHot VR time moves when your hands move.  You are in a fixed position and have to carefully look around your position, take into account where enemies are, what weapons they have and what weapons are within your reach.  

Once you begin moving the iconic glowing red enemies open fire on you or charge to attack.  Carefully judged movements are required by the player to survive.  Each throw or shot fired requires you to be accurate and not to move any more than is necessary.  Incoming bullets can be dodged with selective head and body movements.  Everything needs to be carefully thought out.  Foes need to be dispatched in order to make success possible.

Surviving a scenario moves you to a fresh position but in the same level.  Sometimes you’ll shoot someone who will fall through a roof.  Upon starting your next position you’ll now be inside and see the same body fall above you as you get busy in your current predicament.

Gameplay in SuperHot

SuperHot (non VR) sees time move when the player moves.  It looks much like other traditional first person shooters but plays very differently.  As the levels progress SuperHot feels more and more like a puzzle game.  Accuracy and careful forethought are key to success.  

Completing each level results in a real time replay of what you have just done.  As the levels grow in complexity these replays become more and more impressive.  Eventually playing out like intricate dances of violent carnage.  

The verdict on SuperHot and SuperHot VR

In my opinion both SuperHot and SuperHot VR are definitely worth playing.  They share a similar aesthetic but I was pleased to see that the VR version is new and not in anyway a carbon copy of the standard version.  Both versions are amazing.  SuperHot was one of my favourite games of 2016 and it has been a great pleasure to play it again on the PlayStation 4.  SuperHot VR takes the core ideas from SuperHot and turns them into an incredible VR game.  The more I’ve played it the more I feel that SuperHot VR is the best use of VR that I have experienced yet.  

SuperHot and SuperHot VR are available both independently and bundled together on the PlayStation Store.