Who is the Microsoft Xbox One X for?

who is the xbox one x for

This year’s E3 and in particular the XBox One X reveal has left me deflated.  The showcase of games coming from E3 was incredible.  There are a huge wealth of titles that we can all look forward to playing (my top 10 from E3 2017) in the next couple of years.  What was disappointing however was that the new Xbox One X offers so very little to gamers.

Admittedly if I am playing it is usually on my Playstation 4.  More recently I’ve been finding a lot of enjoyment in my Nintendo Switch and occasionally I’ll get stuck into my PC but the majority of my time is spent on the PS4.  Back in November of last year I was lucky enough to be sent a Microsoft Xbox One S from Microsoft (my review).  This allowed me to begin covering Xbox exclusives and to provide a far greater variety of content on my site.  

Since receiving the One S I have been pretty disappointed by the exclusives.  This E3 was an incredibly important year for Microsoft to not only sell the new Xbox One X but also the Xbox One as a family of consoles.

Playing Xbox One

Since E3 I’ve been playing a lot on my Xbox One S.  I’m eager to understand why myself, or anyone should really rate Microsoft’s family of consoles.  Their press conference was not only pretty disappointing it was surprisingly irritating to watch!

The terminology “Launch Exclusive” was used way, way too often.  This was used and worded in a desperate attempt to trick many of those watching into thinking that Microsoft had an enormous collection of genuine console exclusives lined up.  Unfortunately it really does not.  

Instead then of focusing on securing and nurturing some high quality games that can only be played on an Xbox One they focused instead on the Xbox One X.  There is a massive chance that the Xbox One X is a revolutionary machine.  The most console games console in the world is a wonderful boast to be able to confidently make, but without anything to play on it that actually makes use of this power makes it pointless.  It’s like owning an incredibly fast car but always driving it at 30mph.  The power is wasted.  

Pushing 4K and … what else?

For now there aren’t all that many 4K TVs in people’s homes.  Without 4K TVs to play on and games that are the same on an Xbox One S there is no reason to upgrade.  Even if you do have a 4K TV the Xbox One X will simply look better.  At no point have Microsoft shown or explained what difference the One X will provide the players compared to the One S.  

With little to no reason for the upgrade and so few exclusives coming to the Xbox One family of consoles it seems as though they will struggle to catch up with Playstation.  It’s a said state of affairs to see that providing backwards compatibility for original Xbox games got people more excited than the One X announcement.  I can see why though, the OG Xbox had some truly stunning console exclusives, unlike to Xbox One.  

For now I’ll continue to enjoy playing Xbox One exclusives such as Sunset Overdrive and Halo Wars 2.  It’s just a shame that Microsoft’s future looks as though it will offer less and less unique experiences.


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