Ultra Street Fighter 2 encapsulates what the Switch is all about

I have fond memories of playing Street Fighter II as a youngster.  The local boys club had a SNES with Street Fighter 2 and I remember crowds forming around lads going head to head on a smelly telly the corner of smelly village hall.  Ultra Street Fighter 2 looks to bring that nostalgic feeling back on the Nintendo Switch.

Street Fighter 2 is one of the most popular fighting games of all time.  That sense of competition still holds true on this updated Ultra version as does the joy of both playing and watching matches.  In many ways Ultra Street Fighter 2 is the perfect game to truly showcase what the Nintendo Switch is all about.  

What modes are in Ultra Street Fighter 2?

Ultra Street Fighter 2 offers a great selection of different play modes:


Buddy Battle




Way of the Hado

It also includes a gallery, colour editor, manual etc.  The single player arcade is a basic, classic Street Fighter 2 arcade style series of one on one battles of increasing difficulty.

Why Ultra Street Fighter 2 is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced the trailer showcased a number of its special attributes.  The Switch’s two joycons and kickstand allow anyone, anywhere with a Nintendo Switch to lay down a challenge.  Street Fighter 2 is just about the ultimate game to resolve conflicts.  

Upon release of the initial Switch trailer many scoffed at Nintendo’s dream of seeing people pop their Switch out and start playing competitive multiplayer games in parks and at parties.  The best thing about Ultra Street Fighter 2 is that this is now actually happening.  With its simple controls but incredible depth in its fighting gameplay Ultra Street Fighter 2 allows for fun local competitive matches anywhere and everywhere.  


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