Rain World PS4 Review

Rain World

Rain World




  • Beautiful pixel art animation


  • Little to no story
  • No incentive to play
  • Uninteresting exploration

Rain World is a dark, bleak platform game that sees you control Slugcat.  Unfortunately the gameplay matches the mood of the game.  

Slugcat is tasked with surviving and exploring the incredibly harsh world that he lives in.  A world so harsh that it’s not only the predators that Slugcat has to watch for but also the weather.

What is Rain World like to play?

During the day you must send Slugcat out to explore his environment.  Finding food is key to the little guy’s survival.  Exploring the world offers few interesting things to find, just food and predators to avoid.  If you can avoid the selection of creatures prowling the world and find suitable food you must then seek shelter in a safe place.  To progress through Rain World’s silent, hidden but suggested story you must successfully harvest food and shelter in a safe place.  

The predators that prowl around the world can kill you in one hit.  Their movements are threatening and they can make success hard to achieve.  Slugcat and the predator’s movements look stunning.  The animations in Rain World are undoubtedly the best thing about it.

With food placement and enemies being randomised Rain World does feel Roguelite in style.  Unlike any good Roguelite game though progression is entirely uninteresting and uninspiring.  With little progression offered and little to no story to follow there is not really any incentive to play Rain World.

It looks kinda fantastic in motion, but is uninteresting to play.