Thumper for Nintendo Switch Review






  • Thumper feels, looks and sounds absolutely stunning.
  • When your doing well it rewards you with sensory rewards.
  • Highscores add intelligent replay value.


  • There isn't any variety to its gameplay.


Thumper is a dark and foreboding rhythm action game.  It sees the player take control of a beetle that constantly travels down a thin track.  It’s undoubtedly a strange concept but it feels so great to play.

What is the gameplay like in Thumper?

Thumper has simple controls.  As you speed down the narrow track you are tasked with hitting marks on the track with a single button or combining that button press with a direction.  This simplistic controls does not result in a simple game.  To succeed at Thumper you have to get the timing spot on.  As the levels progress you have to hit more and more elaborately placed and designed timing patterns.

This may not sound like a particularly interesting experience but when you’re in full swing and successfully hitting your marks it feels strangely exhilarating.  If however you can’t find yourself getting into the swing of it Thumper has nothing else to offer you.  This is very much a one track game.

The sights and sounds of Thumper

Thumper’s visual design is fairly minimal but is certainly of a high quality.  Everything looks great, but it doesn’t have incredible detail or stunning models.  Everything is fairly simplistic but this allows Thumper to run at a solid 720p at 60 fps in handheld mode and 1080p at 60 fps in TV mode.  

Thumper’s audio is stunning.  This is not a game you should play in silence.  In fact the audio is such a key feature of Thumper that playing with the sound off is probably an interesting way to increase the difficulty.  Each movement that you have to make is signalled by a sound cue and results in one to.  The audio track keeps on playing but is enhanced by you correctly hitting your cues.  When you are getting the timing right the audio pops and rewards you for your skill.  It feels absolutely great.

Adding to the senses in Thumper on the Nintendo Switch are some really good use of full HD rumble support.  When you are getting good it looks, sounds and feels awesome.  

How much gameplay is there in Thumper?

There isn’t any real variety to Thumper but if you enjoy the base game there is plenty to enjoy.  Each level is broken into sections and successfully completing each section results in your receiving a grading.  Scores combine from sections to give you an overall score for a level and these are automatically shared online for the world to compete against.  This adds wonderful replay value.  It also includes a Play+ mode for more advanced players to ensure that once you get good you can keep on working to increase your high score.  

Thumper for the Nintendo Switch verdict

Thumper is an absolute blast.  I’ve not really ever seen another game like it but it certainly has me hooked.  Highscore arcade games are a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.  Being able to hop on and off whenever and wherever to play through Thumper’s levels or replaying old ones to increase your score is great fun.