Disgaea 5 Complete Nintendo Switch Preview

I’ve not played a Disgaea game before but last night downloaded the demo of Disgaea 5 Complete on my Nintendo Switch.  Since then I’ve been completely hooked and am eagerly awaiting the final release.

Disgaea 5 Complete looks to be incredibly deep, colourful, strange and addictive.  All of this is presented in stunning style.  As with many Switch games it really, really shines in the Switch’s handheld mode.  The characters look incredible and battle animations really pop.  

Despite this just being a demo at the moment I’ve been surprised by how much is being given away.  This is clearly going to be an absolutely massive game.  

I’ve found it hard to tell from the demo if Disgaea 5 is going to have a decent story, there is plenty of text but I’ve been skipping through most of it.  This hasn’t been out of boredom, more because I don’t want to spoil the main game when it releases.  

Tutorials walk you through Disgaea 5’s combat at a good pace.  It takes time to explain most of the important information but keeps the action moving along.  I’ve completed several of the battles now.  The turn based strategy looks as though it will have a lot of depth.  Different characters have access to an incredible variety of attacks and abilities.  Each character has weapons that they can specialise in.  Magic users hurl spells across the beautifully drawn backgrounds and enemies are no pushover.  

If you are keen to see what Disgaea 5 Complete is going to offer players when it releases on the Nintendo Switch then check out the free demo on the eShop now.