Minecraft Nintendo Switch Review

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Minecraft Nintendo Switch




  • It's Minecraft both on the TV and handheld
  • Thumbstick and touchscreen inventory controls
  • Nintendo Skin pack

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  I’ve played Minecraft across many different consoles, PCs and devices now and I have to see it really is a great fit for the Nintendo Switch.  

Minecraft here comes in many of its most popular forms.  Survival is my personal favourite and can be enjoyed for countless hours here either alone or with friends online.  Creative is also back and makes wonderful use of the touchscreen on the Switch to make moving through the pages of blocks a breeze.  

In addition to this two classic modes the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft also includes demos of numerous huge themed levels.  These are incredible to explore but your progress on them cannot be saved.  A Nintendo themed level is included and is absolutely massive.  It looks incredible and is a joy to explore if you are a Mario fan.  

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch also includes competitive multiplayer modes.  Both Battle and Tumble are here and the Switch version is the first place I have ever played them.  I had no idea that Minecraft included these modes having stuck largely to survival whilst playing.  If you too haven’t tried Battle or Tumble then these are definitely, definitely worth trying out.  All multiplayer games can even be played donning incredible Nintendo themed costumes.

Minecraft’s incredible success is because it is such a good game.  Nothing gets as big as Minecraft without being very, very good.  It feels like an absolute perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.  Playing on the TV then moving effortlessly to the handheld is sure to be popular with Minecraft players.  In handheld mode you also get to enjoy the game with a mix of thumbstick controls and touchscreen controls for inventory management.  In some respects you can even consider the Switch version the ultimate version of Minecraft.  

Multiplayer in Minecraft is very popular.  The Switch is built for local multiplayer and Minecraft’s multiplayer options do not disappoint.  Many Switch games can be played by two players locally using the two joycons.  This however is not true for Minecraft.  Each local player will require two joycons as it needs control of both thumbsticks.  I don’t see this as a problem at all but it certainly is worth knowing if you are picking it up for local multiplayer.  

Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch is a very worthwhile purchase.  It feels like an absolute perfect fit for the Switch and is sure to be incredibly popular with all Switch owners.