Injustice 2 Playstation 4 Review

Injustice 2

Injustice 2




  • Great roster of DC heroes and villains
  • Great story, multiverse and multiplayer options
  • Character customisation that keeps you coming back for more


  • Tutorials stop pretty soon after the basics.

Injustice 2 is an absolutely stunning game.  If you like fighting games, if you like DC comic characters, if you like big over the top action, if you comic stories and if you love beautiful video games then Injustice 2 is well worth playing.

The original Injustice was definitely one of my favourite fighting games, Injustice 2 takes everything that it did so well and improves it in every way.  

The story in Injustice is brilliant.  It follows nicely on from the original but takes it in a fun new direction introducing the main antagonist, Brainiac.  Brainiac has come to Earth to claim Superman.  Unfortunately Superman is still imprisoned by Batman following his misdemeanors in the original Injustice.  This simple setup provides Injustice 2 with exactly the plot setup that it needs to see a huge collection of DV super heroes and villains go toe to toe.

The collection of fighters here is varied and interesting to experiment with.  It includes fan favourites such as Batman, Superman, Catwoman and Aquaman as well as slightly more obscure folks such as Cheetah, Blue Beetle and Swamp Thing.  

Well paced tutorials explain the basics but don’t do an incredible job of teaching you much beyond the basic controls.  The basic controls are easy to pick up.  Special moves, throws and many combos can be picked up without too much trouble as can the series iconic super moves.  Supergirl flies enemies around the sun throwing them through a meteor on their way back to Earth.  Batman attaches foes to the Batwing and the Flash takes his opponent back in time to smash them against the Sphinx and a T-Rex.  

Arenas are incredibly well detailed and allow for lots of interaction.  Items litter the stages and can be used in different ways to give advantages in both offensive and defensive maneuvers.  Many include the ability to knock opponents through one of the side walls and into other stages.  

All of this mayhem makes each match seem suitably super.  Matches are fun to play and fun to watch thanks to the over the top action that you need when watching two superheroes trying to destroy one another.

The suite of gameplay options is vast.  The single player story is surprisingly strong but there is a lot more to Injustice 2.  Multiplayer, both local and online, is well supported.  Online play is surprisingly slick given the game is just out.  

Multiverse is Injustice 2’s version of the Tower modes from Mortal Kombat.  They feature themed challenges that reward the player with new costume items.  The amount of customisation that you you can lavish upon the fighters is absolutely incredible.  Each body part for each fighter has a huge amount of cosmetic unlocks that are rewarded for playing.  Many offer slightly different tweaks to fighter’s speed, health and strength.  These subtle changes do not affect the fighter’s ability when playing against others online.  The customisation options are very likely to keep players coming back for a long time after they’ve finished the story mode.

As well as all of this praise for its gameplay I also need to mention the graphics.  I normally try to avoid making too much fuss of looks in a game (gameplay is king) but Injustice 2 looks incredible.  Fighters have been motion captured and the facial animations are the best I have ever seen in a game.  This is a significant step forwards for game character facial animation, not just in fighting games but in all games.  

Injustice 2 is an absolute blast.  It ticks all the boxes that you could possible with for in a fighting game rich with comic book characters.


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