Prey Playstation 4 Review






  • Prey's space station, Talos I, is wonderfully realised.
  • The mimics are great fun to hunt and be hunted by.


  • Gunplay doesn't feel tight.

Prey was not a game that was particularly on my radar.  I’d heard it’s name plenty of times before, I was somewhat aware that it had had a turbulent development but it wasn’t a game I was eager to play.  I’ve seen other reviews that aren’t complimentary about it, I however thoroughly enjoyed myself with it.  Maybe my lack of hype allowed me greater enjoyment of it, whatever the case I think Prey is a game certainly worth playing.

Having said all of that it is far from perfect.  It has plenty of faults but ultimately is a nicely put together game that has a lot of good ideas behind it.

What do you do in Prey?

Prey sees you become Morgan Yu, a scientist working his way through a series of seemingly simple, straightforward tests when all hell breaks loose.  The hell that breaks loose sees your entire world shift.  Before you know it you are alone and living in fear on a huge space station orbiting the moon.

The space station you find yourself upon is the Talos I.  Talos I is an incredible setting for Prey.  The space station has become infested by alien creatures of different designs that have killed almost everyone.  Alone on Talos I, you are contacted by a mysterious voice who offers to help you survive.

What games are similar to Prey?

Prey plays a lot like classic games such as System Shock and Bioshock.  Not just the story and setting presented but also in its combat, upgrade system and exploration methods it all feels a lot like Bioshock: Space.  This is no bad thing.  Bioshock is an incredible image to redraw with a new twist.  If you have played and enjoyed any of the Bioshock series before there is every chance that you will enjoy Prey.  

What are the weapons and enemies like in Prey?

On Talos I years of experimentation have lead to the discovery of all sorts of fun new toys for you to play with.  One of the first you have available to you is the GLOO Cannon.  The GLOO Cannon doesn’t directly damage foes.  It shoots balls of quick drying cement that can be used to slow enemies down or to create new paths and staircases in the environment.  It’s no gravity or portal gun but it does provide some interesting gameplay and puzzle solving opportunities.  

Providing targets for your weapons in Prey are an interesting collection of aliens with a few clever tricks up their sleeves.  The most interesting and entertaining of these, and the first ones that you come across are known as mimics.  Mimics generally look like large black, four legged creatures, they scuttle around like spiders and can stand on two legs to intimidate and prepare to launch themselves at you.  

The interesting twist with the mimics is that they have the ability to look like any similar sized object in the game.  Exploring Talos I becomes a tense affair as any bin, chair, box, anything could potentially be a mimic waiting to attack.  When exploring Prey regularly feels like a horror game largely due to the mimics and their ability.  

What doesn’t Prey get right?

Prey has a lot going for it.  Unfortunately though there are issues with it.  The shooting feels too loose, at least on the Playstation 4, the weapons lack some punch, the story starts well but ends fairly disappointingly and the characters aren’t all that interesting.  

The world is wonderful, the mimics are an ingenious idea, the upgrade system offers some interesting upgrades and the ability to leave the station and space walk keeps things varied.  

Prey has a lot of good to give, but it shouldn’t be entered expecting a tight first person shooter.  This is far more an exploration RPG with some horror type moments.  


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