10 Indie Games that we would love to play on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s indie lineup, the so called Nindies, are looking to take the platform in wonderfully fun and varied directions.  Zelda Breath of the Wild has given the Nintendo Switch one of the strongest launch titles ever but the Nindies are Nintendo’s next big power play.  Here is our list of some older indie titles titles that we would love to see come to the Switch.  Have we missed anything?  Please let us know of the indie games you’re eager to play on the Switch in the comments below.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a perfect fit for the Switch.  The dip in, dip out gameplay will be perfect for the handheld and long sessions are sure to look beautiful on the TV.  With cooperative play coming with it the joy cons will easily allow all to team up to create utopian farms with their friends and family.


I’ve enjoyed this rogue lite adventure game on several platforms before, but I’d still like to own and play Spelunky on the Switch.  Its single player exploration gameplay is a natural fit for the Switch.  The built in joy cons would also allow for easy access to local multiplayer.  Indie games like this would be perfect on the Switch.


This one is not likely to happen but if there were anyway to see FTL to leave PC and make it onto a console I’d love to play it again.  The touch screen could possibly allow FTL to make it onto the Switch, but it’s a long shot.  

Crypt of the Necrodancer

I’ve picked this up recently and would love to see this come to the Switch.  This rhythm based dungeon crawler is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  The Switch would be a wonderful platform for this musical, rogue lite indie title.

Rogue Legacy

This may be a few years old now but is a stunning metroid-vania rogue lite indie game that has come to plenty of other consoles, please bring it to the Nintendo Switch.


Fez’s bright and colourful levels have a definite Nintendo feel to them.  The incredible 2D/3D puzzle platformer deserves all of the praise it received upon launch and more would be very welcome.

Don’t starve together

Don’t Starve would be good on the Nintendo Switch, Don’t Starve Together would be outstanding.  The easy ability to play locally is a perfect fit on the Switch.  Indie games that allow for local multiplayer are a natural fit for the Switch.

Enter the Gungeon

I’ve not yet played this bullet hell, rogue lite game.  It looks beautiful, includes huge amounts of replayability and has just come to the Xbox One.  It would look awesome on the Switch, can’t wait to play it.

Darkest Dungeon

Nintendo has a very cuddly, family friendly public image.  Darkest Dungeon would be a perfect fit for the Switch as it is anything but cute and cuddly.  Stress and trauma take centre stage in this dungeon crawler.  The Switch’s wide screen would look amazing sporting Darkest Dungeon.


The competitive sword fencing Nidhogg would look  and play perfectly on the Nintendo Switch.  The easy, out of the box access to multiple controllers are exactly what Nidhogg needs to be best experienced.

Let us know below other Indie games that you’d love to play at home or out and about on the Nintendo Switch.


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