Fast RMX Nintendo Switch Review

Fast RMX

Fast RMX




  • Super fast racing
  • Phases are an interesting idea


  • Lacks personality
  • Very bare bones options
  • Frustratingly fast at times


Fast RMX, the first racing game available on the Nintendo Switch is a Switch exclusive.  It looks set to be one of the fastest racing games ever.  It has been heavily influenced by games such as Wipeout and legendary Nintendo racer F-Zero X.  How does it compare to such famous titles?

What is Fast RMX like to play?

Fast RMX is seriously fast.  It is one of its biggest draws but does provide it with some issues.  The speed makes for intense and entertaining races.  But can also lead to frustrations.  These frustrations come from the speed resulting in far too frequent crashes on unfamiliar tracks.  Boosting into some sections of tracks can see you flying clear off them into walls, deserts and other large obstacles.  It certainly rewards track knowledge over driving ability.

The vehicles in Fast RMX are typical, sci-fi drag racers; long, slick designs and each “car” has its own basic statistics of speed, acceleration and weight.

The courses found in Fast RMX on the Nintendo Switch are incredibly varied.  They look absolutely beautiful on both the handheld screen or TV.  Everything is fast paced but impressively detailed.  Courses have varied themes, from jungles to deserts, futuristic cityscapes to underwater tubes.  The variety and style of courses is certainly one of Fast RMX’s best features.

What are Fast RMX’s phases?

In an intelligent attempt to show some variety from F-Zero X and Wipeout Fast RMX sees each vehicle have two phases.  One if “yellow” and the other “blue.”  As you race around all of Fast RMX’s incredible tracks you will see glowing orbs and tracks of yellow and blue.

The orbs are collected by simply driving into them, if you match their colour is fills up a little bit of your boost meter.  The tracks of colour are boost.  Drive over them whilst matching their phase and you boost, have the incorrect colour and it will slow you down.  The phases are swapped with just a press of a button and do add an interesting extra edge of Fast RMX gameplay.

Fast RMX overall

Racing is certainly fun in Fast RMX.  I’ve also found it pretty frustrating as the speed can make tracks way too hard to read.  The biggest disappointment of Fast RMX is the selection of options.  This is a very, very bare bones racer.  Much as I have enjoyed the races I haven’t found a lot to keep me coming back for more.  It is all serviceable but offers little replayability.  Multiplayer is fun but this does feel like a filler until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes along next month.


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