New Lego Batman The Movie and Lego Star Wars Books

Around 30 years ago I remember having hours upon hours of fun playing with my Lego collection.  The first thing I ever saved money for was a Lego Pirate Island.  Lego will always be an incredibly important toy to me.

It is then with great joy and pride that I get to now spend my weekends playing Lego with my little girls.  This week we’ve branched out even further into the world of Lego goodness with these two new books: Lego Batman: The making of the movie and Lego Star Wars.

The Lego Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie

I’ve always really,  really enjoyed looking at concept art.  The initial drawings that are used to sculpt the characters and worlds that fill our films and games are fascinating.  The Lego Batman Movie: The Making of the Movie book shows the creatives process that took place to make the movie happen.  It is full of wonderful concept art, incredible character costumes and super set designs.  

If you are a fan of or know a fan of the Lego Batman Movie then this is a wonderful book for them to enjoy.

The Amazing Book of Lego Star Wars

My little ladies love Batman at the moment.  Star Wars is vaguely familiar to them but they haven’t seen any of the films or really got into it… yet!  

Of the two books though this is the one that is far more suited to younger children.  The larger font and simplified language (where Star Wars allows) has made it a great book to share.

The Amazing Book of Lego Star Wars acts as a visual dictionary to the Star Wars world for younger fans.  It includes some large pull-out pages that are particular favourites though very vulnerable to tearing.

amazing lego star wars

lego star wars walkers
Both Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars books have proven to be popular with the girls.  They love cuddling up together and asking me who everyone is and what they do.  


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