Xbox One S Minecraft Edition Review


Regular readers will probably be well aware that I play most of my games on my Playstation 4.  The Nintendo Wii U and 3DS get used fairly frequently but the Playstation 4 is without doubt my go to console.  A couple of weeks ago Microsoft sent us a new Xbox One S Minecraft Edition.  What follows are my initial thoughts on the console and in particular on this Minecraft Edition.


Xbox One S Minecraft Edition

This is a stunning box of entertainment.  First impressions are stunning, the Minecraft themed packaging is fantastic.  I can totally imagine some children wanting to keep the box to play with as a toy itself!  Aside from the packaging the Minecraft edition is exactly the same console as any other one.  The difference is that that box is Minecraft themed and it includes download codes for Minecraft.

Setup is easy and fairly quick (depending upon internet speed).  Details about how we found the setup are below.

This box provides everything you need for someone to play Minecraft on an Xbox One S.  The fact it comes with Minecraft is huge.  Minecraft provides as much gameplay as you want from it, it’s a huge game.  If you wanted to play Minecraft with other people you will need some extras.  This box contains just one controller and to play Minecraft over the internet you need to pay for Xbox Live (a trial of this is included in the box).

Xbox One S console

The Xbox One S looks awesome.  It is far, far smaller than the original Xbox One and it’s white and black finish look clean, tidy and smart.  It fits very neatly into our TV unit with room to space around it.

If you’re looking for a console as a gift this Christmas for an existing or potential future Minecraft fan then this really is the ultimate gift.  It would make an amazing all in one gift that will provide a LOT of joy for a long, long time to come.

What do you get in the Xbox One S Minecraft Edition box?

Xbox One S console

Wireless Controller (2 x AA batteries included)

High speed HDMI cable

A Minecraft Xbox One Edition Favourites Pack Download card

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta Download

Minecraft Builder’s Pack Download


How to setup the Xbox One S?

The Xbox One S console is nice and easy to connect.  SImply plug in the power cable and connect up the HDMI and you should be done.  

Once the Xbox One S console turns on the slightly more complicated business begins on the TV screen.  This was the only stage I had to search online for a little support.  The Xbox One S wouldn’t/couldn’t find my controller!  A quick search online indicated the buttons to press on both the controller and the console to connect everything up.  

On screen then everything is straight forward, but a little slow.  After initial connection to your wireless internet and signing into my Microsoft account a lengthy update began.  This is something worth bearing in mind if you have eager children.  If you are thinking of giving the XBox One S console to your children as a present it might be a good idea to secretly complete the setup before the big day.  

Getting started on Minecraft

Once the Xbox One S is all connected and setup the Minecraft Edition contains everything you need to get started on MInecraft within the box.  A few cards included in the box have codes printed on them that can be redeemed from the store.  

Find the store screen (keep moving right) and then look for redeem a download code.  Once there, input the codes one at a time and the downloads will begin

Once everything has downloaded head over to the home page and find the My games and apps on screen button.  This is where (unsurprisingly) you’ll find all of your games and apps.  This is the place to initially launch Minecraft from.

Once into Minecraft check out our Parents guide to Minecraft for a full picture of what Minecraft is and how to play.



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