ResMed S+ sleep tracker review


The ResMed S+ is an intelligent and well produced sleep tracking device that also analyses and offers personalised help to improve your sleep.

Why choose the ResMed S+?

I’ve tried numerous sleeping apps before to get a sense of how well I’m sleeping and the ResMed S+ is certainly the most accurate and definitely the most helpful tracker. Sleep tracking apps are very popular, they generally work by monitoring your sleep whilst running on a smartphone lying underneath your pillow throughout the night. For more in-depth sleep analysis some people choose to physically wear devices but the ResMed S+ is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracker that accurately tracks every stage of the sleep cycle.  

What do you get with it?

The S+ comes in two main parts; the sleep sensor and the app.  The sleep sensor is nicely designed with a tidy, inoffensive look that sits next to your bed and faces towards your chest.  Once sat on a bedside table it never needs to be moved or touched again.  

The app can be freely installed on any of the following:

Apple® smart phones: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5.

Apple® operating systems: iOS 8 and iOS 9 and Apple Watch OS2.

AndroidTM smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung

Galaxy Note Edge, Google Nexus 6 and 7, Sony Xperia Z5, HTC one A9

AndroidTM operating systems ranging from 4.4.2 (KitKat) to 6.0 (Marsh-Mallow).


What does it do?

Sleep tracking in itself is great but the S+ does an awful lot more.  Initial setup is simple, the app connects to the sensor via BlueTooth. Once it has connected you simply register yourself and share some general information with it about yourself; age, sex, weight, height etc.  

Any night that you’re heading into bed ready to use the S+ this is what options you have.  Hop into bed, open the ResMed S+ app and tell it that you’re off to sleep now.  You are asked a series of questions with multiple possible answers; how stressed were you today?  How many caffeinated drinks have you had?  How much exercise have you had today?  Once you have finished with these you have a few more options.  

You can tell it you’re off to sleep.  Then pop your phone or tablet wherever you wish and try to get to sleep.


You can tell it to help you with a mind clear.  This allows you to either type or create a voice memo, sharing any things on your mind or reminders for the morning.

You can ask it to help you drop off to sleep.  This results in the S+ playing some sounds quietly that it syncs to your breathing.  These relaxing sounds then gradually lull you off to sleep and stop making any noise once you’re off to sleep.

Waking up in the morning can be with a gradual alarm.  You can tell the S+ the rough time that you’d like to wake up and then whilst tracking you when it spots the opportune time to wake you up and does so gradually.  

Once awake you can then check your sleep history.  This shows you in an easy to read graph how your night was.  The S+ tracks how much time you were awake, in a light sleep, deep sleep and in REM sleep.  It then analyses this information and gives you a score out of 100 for how well you have slept.


How does it help me improve my sleep?

On top of all of the tracking information I’ve already mentioned the ResMed S+ is also able to help you improve your sleep.  After having used the S+ for a series of nights it is able to get an understanding of how you sleep.  On roughly day 3-4 of using it you will begin to receive messages from the app during the day to offer advice to improve your sleep.

The advice that you are offered is unique to each user and comes from the analysis of your sleep.  With the S+ monitoring light levels, room temperature, times awake at night, the amount of time to drop off to sleep, the amount of deep and REM sleep that you have got it builds up a really strong picture of your sleep.  The advice that I’ve received so far seems great.  One day I was advised to have a hot bath or shower an hour and a half before bed, as the body cools it prepares for rest!  Another day I was advised more exercise to sleep with less wake ups throughout the night.  

What do we think of the ResMed S+ overall?

I’ve been nothing but impressed by the S+.  I don’t have any great difficulties sleeping but it’s really, really interesting to see exactly how well my night’s sleep has gone and somehow it helps me feel even better prepared for whatever the day may throw at me.  If you are looking for a way to monitor and/or improve your sleep then look no further than the ResMed S+.


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