Turtle Beach Recon 50P PS4 headset review


Turtle Beach are often considered to be THE headset of gamers. This is an impressive title to hold but does create a certain level of care to be taken by consumers. As Turtle Beach continue to bring out fresh headsets, each one touted at being the next best thing, whatever their price point sooner or later something’s gotta give. Does Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Recon 50P provide the Turtle Beach sound at it’s reduced price?
The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P is a lightweight, stereo gaming headset that offers gamers a comfortable and affordable headset that could prove to be a perfect first step into the world of Turtle Beach.

When looking to buy a gaming headset there are a few important questions that you need to answer:
How often am I going to use it? This will give you an idea of how much money you should be comfortable spending on it.
Which gaming platform(s) would I like it to work with? This will help filter out headsets that simply will not work with your desired setup.
How long at a time am I going to be wearing the headset for? This will again be affected by price, many would say the more expensive headsets are better but depending on personal preference you may well find a headset such as this Recon 50P that we’re featuring is more comfortable due to its light weight.

What sort of games will you be using it for? This is likely to indicate how important a surround sound experience is for you. If you’re going to be mostly playing strategy, sports or indie titles then paying out for an expensive surround sound headset should not be a priority. However if you’re a first person shooting fan then surround sound would be worth seriously considering.
If you are looking for a relatively cheap headset, that is comfortable, without surround sound capabilities then the Recon 50P is well worth considering. If you looking to both listen and talk to others then the Recon 50P could be just what you’re looking for. The Recon 50P’s microphone can easily be removed and comes as standard separate from the earphones, though because of this other headsets may well provide a better quality microphone.
So far I’ve been nothing but impressed by the Turtle Beach Recon 50P, if this is the quality of one of their cheaper headsets I’d love to try out one of their premium sets.



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