Hey Duggee: The Best Scarecrow Ever


Duggee, the giant Scout Leader dog from the hit CBBC show, Hey Duggee has just had his first book come out. The book entitled The best scarecrow ever uses the same gorgeous, colourful characters as the TV show to tell the tale of Duggee and his Squirels creating an incredible Scarecrow to protect some seeds they are growing.

Hey Duggee follows the adventures of a group of cute animals, the show starts with the children heading off to see Duggee, a large dog who runs a group called “the squirrels”, think scouts/guides, the children spend every episode working together to earn a badge linked to their task. In this book they are working to receive their Scarecrow badge.


The TV show and the book both have the exact same graphical style. It reminds me of the popular mobile app game Dumb ways to die and looks bright, cheerful and wonderful. The book makes great use of this artstyle not just in its characters and backdrops, but also in the text. It is incredibly well presented, catching the attention of my girls quickly, they’ve asked to read it many times in a day.

The story is sweet and straightforward, following the format of the TV show and using the characters perfectly. The book ends with a series of challenges for those reading it to see if they too deserve a scarecrow badge of their own and the final page is a certificate containing a scarecrow badge.

The whole package is absolutely delightful and definitely a book that fans of the show should get for their little ones. If you’ve not seen the show before then I strongly recommend it and the book to you too. I just hope this is the first of many Hey Duggee text adventures.



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