BADLAND: Game of the year Wii U edition Review


Badland: Game of the Year edition for the Wii U is a simple to play, stylish game in a similar style to the famous Flappy Bird game mobile game.

It uses a single button, hold the button down and your character flaps up, let go and they fall down. The screen is constantly moving from right to left so progress can only be made by maneuvering into the correct position as the levels scrolls past you.


It’s a very, very simple idea. An idea so simple that it seems impossible to create a full game from. It is worth pointing out that Badland was originally a mobile title, it has been so well presented that it’s been able to make the leap to console. This in itself speaks volumes for the presentation of Badland, it has a fantastic art style that makes it a huge pleasure to play.

The gameplay is simple and here lies Badland’s biggest issue, this gameplay is stretched thinly to fill a game. It mixes things up with various pickups that alter the gameplay slightly. Your character can grow really big and heavy and can shrink to be tiny and light, it can also find clones of itself resulting in a swarm of flapping little creatures all jostling for position to complete the level.


This various pickups are interesting but fail to hide the fact that Badland has very simple, straightforward and shallowgameplay. I enjoyed playing it for a while but the gameplay did wear thin pretty quickly. As a download title for the Wii U it’s good, it’s simple gameplay makes it perfect for a quick play and the incredibly simple controls allow youngsters to play without any trouble.

If you’re after a beautiful, simple downloadable title for your Wii U then Badland is a great choice, just don’t expect anything groundbreaking from it.




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