Pacapod Oban review

Pacapod produce incredible bags, amongst fellow parents they have legendary status!  For the past couple of weeks we’ve been putting a Pacapod Oban through it’s paces.image41
The Pacapod Oban is a beautifully designed and presented canvas bag with a wax leather effect.  It looks very smart, featuring grey stitching through it’s black canvas and has a strong, easy to adjust shoulder strap that sits comfortably on your shoulder.  You can load it up with all your baby bits, saddle up, feel comfortable and look smart.
Handbags and man bags are one thing but a suitable bag to carry your baby bits is incredibly important to get right.  Any parent will tell you that those first few trips out of the house are intense affairs, resulting in a surprising amount of fore thought and planning before braving the outside world.  Never before had I had to consider so many things before I left the house.
Pacapods can, of course, be used as a normal bag but have been designed primarily as changing bags.  They come with pods, these pods are designed to allow parents to effectively pack different collections of baby equipment that you may need in a hurry.  This Oban bag, for example, includes a food pod complete with bottle warmer and a changing pod complete with labelled pockets with nappies and wipes.  It even has a neat changing mat included inside.  This is an awesome idea, it helps to pack the bag before leaving the house, keep all of the various bits and pieces neat and tidy whilst being bumped about in your bag and, very importantly, it allows you to quickly get to the things that you need whilst you’re out and about.
This Oban Pacapod is designed to be a unisex bag and nearly gets it right.  Personally the style does look a little too much like a handbag for my taste but it’s far better than my wife’s current floral Kath Kidston bag.  Having said this Pacapod have recently released an alternative to this canvas design that may catch a few Mum’s and Dad’s eyes.
Oban Denim - Inc Pods (2)
The bag is undeniably well designed and presented, the quality of the whole package is fantastic but having used it for a little while we did feel as though the bag was a little small to get everything in.  Having said this we currently have 2 children (a 12 month old and a soon to be 3 year old) as a bag for a new parent with just the one small baby then this is a perfect solution.
We’ve really enjoyed using the Pacapod Oban, it’s undeniably stylish and made to a very high quality.
PacaPod Oban Denim Lifestyle 4 (2) (1)

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