A baby carrier for men – JACS

Scott Haslem is a father, ex-soldier and designer of a fantastic new baby carrier for built especially for Dads.


The Junior Adaptive Carrier System (JACS) by Babyjacs UK has been created to offer a stylish and practical baby-carrying system specifically for Dads – although Mums can use it too. Complete with a variety of equipment carrying components, and multiple configuration options, baby-carrying just got easier.

In order to bring the JACS to market, we are launching the product on Kickstarter, and invite you to share our Kickstarter page, to help us with the initial funding for this much needed complete travel system.

JACS collection

Stemming from the desire to create the perfect carrier system, that will not only carry your child securely, but also hold all the other items that inevitably accompany a little one, the JACS does away with the need for any additional baggage – making life so much simpler!

The idea for this handy solution has been developed by Dadprenuer and former soldier, Scott Haslam, who from his own experience, and search for practical baby and equipment carrying solutions, realised that there was a real void in the market for a carrier system that didn’t mean you had to tangle yourself up by carrying an additional shoulder bag to hold all of the nappies, bottles, extra outfits, and other bits and pieces needed when out and about.

Designed around the principles of tactical load carrying equipment, and constructed from robust military-grade materials, The JACS has all of the style, functionality, durability, and high specification demanded by dads on the go.

Built around a vest-like harness, the JACS has been developed to offer a versatile carrying system that is Modular, Adaptable, Durable, and Expandable, with the ability to withstand any parenting challenge.

The JACS enables the user to quickly and easily adapt the set-up of the system in line with their specific day to day needs, using the harness as the base for attaching the desired accessories. With up to 8 different configuration options available, The JACS can be quickly and easily tailored to meet the needs of the mission ahead.

Since conception in 2012, the development of this unique product has gone from strength to strength. Since using the carrier himself whilst out around Brighton, there has been a flurry of local interest.

Be sure to visit the JACS website and support Scott on his Kickstarter page.


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