10 top tips for surviving and thriving in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a truly outstanding game. It looks and plays incredibly well and will certainly attract a lot of attention from PS4, Xbox one and high end PC owners.

The game sees a Witcher, Geralt, exploring a breathtaking fantasy land that’s been consumed by war and is rife with dangerous monsters that require slaying. The combination of aggressive wildlife and complex political relationships make for a stunning backdrop to the game’s action.


As a new player to the series I was, at times, overwhelmed by the world of the Witcher. Here is a list of top tips to help you survive as Geralt.

1 Save often

First off, despite the games automatic save feature,  do be sure that you’re aware of when you last saved as it can be incredibly frustrating to lose progress.

2 Visit noticeboards

Most towns and villages contain noticeboards, visiting these will allow you to find side quests for a talented Witcher such as yourself tackle. Not only will these side quests help you gain helpful loot and experience but they are also incredibly good fun. Never before have I played an RPG with such fleshed out side quests. In fact from what I’ve played of The Witcher 3 so far I’ve had more fun with the side quests than the main story.


 3 Find Places of Power

Visiting question marks on the map is a great way of coming across important landmarks and can lead to some superb quests. Some of these question marks are places of power,some obelisks that when touched by Geralt give powerful, temporary upgrades to skills and signs all add an ability point. Visiting several of these can quickly make a dramatic difference to the Witcher’s abilities.

4 Maintain your weapons and armour

As your swords and armour are used whilst playing they slowly weaken, this has a substantial effect on their usefulness and so maintaining your equipment is very important. Visiting whetstone and armour tables can keep everything working at maximum efficiency for you.


5 Don’t forget your Witcher signs

Although you haven’t got a vast selection of spells, or signs,  at your disposal in The Witcher make sure you don’t forget to use them. Every single fight can be helped by popping up a Quen shield before charging in and many Monsters have a weakness to a certain sign.

6 Brew and drink, drink and brew

You can’t move in Wild Hunt without discovering ingredients. Collecting them all would result in you crawling through the world at a snail’s pace but ignoring them all will make brewing potions impossible. Witcher’s are very talented at creating potions that dramatically affect their abilities so having a selection of ingredients to hand allows you to quickly and easily produce powerful potions to dramatically increase your chances of victory, be sure to make potions,  equip them and use them whenever required.


7 Fight smart

When in combat ensure that you’re parrying all the time, watch your opponent’s movements carefully and be selective as to who you’re targeting and attacking. Try to take on enemies one at a time whenever possible and use all of your Witcher abilities and equipment as and when needed.

8 Use your senses

Your Witcher senses that is. Using your Witcher senses you will have a greater awareness of where potential does are hiding in the woods and it will have a huge impression on the amount of lot that you’re able to find. When ransacking a building be sure to use your Witcher senses to find everything which can be looted.


9 Do your homework

If you’re up against a particular beastie who is giving you continued grief then do take the time to read Geralt’s bestiary, most importantly look at the weaknesses for the feature in question and prepare for battle with the right tools at the ready.

10 Pace yourself

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has had care and attention poured into every inch of its design, don’t charge through. This is an experience that deserves your time and attention. There is an unbelievable amount of content here so be sure to play it the way that you want to play, don’t feel as though you should do every quest that you find or ignore all but the main story missions, mix it up and ensure that you get the gameplay experience that you want from it.


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