It’s a Bing thing

CBeebies’ Bing is a huge favourite in our house.  We watch a few episodes a week and love all of it’s characters and the messages that are portrayed through Bing’s adventures.


For those of you who haven’t seen it it follows a bunny, called Bing, and follows him doing various standard day to day activities for toddlers such as going to the park, visiting friend’s houses, going shopping etc.  Each episode sees Bing faced with a challenge that toddlers must overcome most days.  He gets injured, has a disagreement with his friends and breaks something regularly.  Episodes end with a direct to camera explanation of what happened, how it made Bing feel and how it was resolved.


Despite how much effort has gone into making it representative of most toddler’s lives it also has lots of very strange aspects to it.

Please can someone help me out with these bizarre aspects of Bing?

Why does Pando (the Panda – Duh!) always take off his trousers before he does anything?  This even happens during the opening credits of every episode!?!


What is the deal with Flop and the other “grown ups”?  They are all smaller than the children and despite the children all being obvious animals (elephants, rabbits, pandas etc) the grown ups are all weird little creatures, more like animal-cuddly toy hybrids!?!  None of the children refer to them as Mum or Dad, they are all called by their first names so are they carers? Guardian angels?  Consciences?


What is going on?

Bing is an awesome little TV show, but certainly not without it’s quirks!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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6 Responses

  1. Dude, I’m still trying to figure out which Teletubbies are which. #CurseOfTheOldDad

  2. I can’t watch Bing! anymore! Everything you mentioned above has crossed my mind more than once, but the “It’s a bing thing ” at the end is the worst. There was one the other day that said “hide and seek, it’s a Bing thing”….No it’s not, it’s an everyone thing!

  3. Andy says:

    I have so many questions about Bing as well. Gor example whats the deal with Pando taking of his trousers?

  4. I found Bing a bit strange too, but I think the general messages are a good thing, but like you say there is just too much weirdness and questions that need anwering! hehe

  5. Mummy Fever says:

    LOL ! We have all the same questions! All I can say is – it’s a Bing thing! #bigfatlinky

  6. Lyssie says:

    The Pando thing is because apparently lots of toddlers feel constricted by their clothes and want to take them off to feel a bit more free, Pando’s no different. Still annoying though especially when he insists on doing it in places like the playground and other peoples houses when his carer isn’t there.