Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Craft

To celebrate the upcoming release of Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (gameplay trailer below) on 8th May for the Wii U, Nintendo was kind enough to send us a box of crafty treats.


The game looks like a fantastic combination of traditional platforming and drawing!  A bizarre mix I know but using the Wii U’s stylus on the touch screen you are tasked with drawing a path for Kirby to follow to successfully negotiate the game’s colourful and challenging levels.

To get in training for this new control scheme we got busy this morning doing some painting with the Kirby craft set.




The game also has a stunningly realised art direction, with a real sense of clay animated characters.  At Daddy Daydream we are HUGE fans of everything clay animation so Kirby and the Magic Paintbrush has us seriously excited.

In honour of this unique asthetic we were also sent some bright and cheery clay to play with.

20150418_093434 20150418_093439


Of course I couldn’t resist having a go at making my very own clay Kirby.

Roll on the 8th May.



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