Film review: The Theory of Everything

Last week my wife went with a friend to see The Theory of Everything, the biopic of Professor Stephen Hawking.  Upon returning home from seeing it she messaged me at work to tell me that she was booked me and a friend of mine tickets to go and see it.  It was so good she wanted me to watch it so that we could talk about it!  What an amazing start to the review!  What an amazing wife!


When I went to see it, as the film ended and the credits began something happened that I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced in the cinema before.  The audience applauded!

The Theory of Everything is the breathtaking story of Professor Stephen Hawking’s life, from starting at Cambridge University in the early 1960’s through to him being invited to an audience with the Queen around 1990.

The film touches on many aspects of Hawking’s incredible life but primarily focuses on his relationship with Jane, his first wife.  It is first and foremost a love story, and what a story it is to tell.


I can’t go any further without mentioning Eddie Redmayne, who plays Stephen Hawking.  His portrayal of the Professor is breathtaking.  Not only does he perfectly capture the nuances of Hawking’s Motor Neurone Disease, but he is able to delicately portray it’s gradual onset throughout the film.

Felicity Jones’ portrayal of Stephen’s wife Jane is incredible also.  You feel so much for her throughout the film.  In many ways the effect’s of Hawking’s Motor Neurone Disease affect Jane more than Stephen himself.


The film moves at a wonderful pace, never dragging it’s heels and never lingering on any one aspect of Hawking’s life for too long.

I was so pleased that the film didn’t become too focused on Professor Hawking’s Motor Neurone Disease.  It is without doubt a large part of the tale, and affects all aspects of Hawking’s life but it never loses sight of the real star of the show; the relationship between Stephen and his wife Jane.

We see how he approached his, now legendary, work on Cosmology and his longing to find a Theory of Everything, how he brought up his family and how his debilitating disease affected him and more importantly his wife.


It is an intensely inspirational story of love, perseverance and science and is one that everyone should see.  Prepare to be moved!


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